Download Flipbook maker for MAc/windows

Flipfab Flipbook Maker for Mac

Quickly make Flash/HTML5 flip book with realistic page-turning effects from PDF on your Mac. Pre-designed customizable template, logo, background music, bookmark, Google Analytics integration. Publish flipbook in 4 formats: html, zip, app and exe.

V2.6.3 Download

Flipfab Flipbook Maker Pro for Mac

Make flip page books more attractive and interactive with multimedia object, such as videos (YouTube video included), audios, images, text, hyperlinks, buttons, charts and more. Save time with Batch Converter.

V2.6.3 Download

Flipfab Flipbook Maker for Windows

Create 3D stunning page-flipping multilingual e-publications on your Mac. Flipping publications can be viewed on any Mac, PC, iOS devices and Android devices. One-click to upload flipbook online.

V2.4.170 Download

Flipfab Flipbook Maker Pro for Windows

Advanced digital page-flipping document publisher. Make your page-flipping magazines, brochures, catalogs, etc. more visualized with videos and audios, images, text, charts, etc.

V2.4.178 Download