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flipbook maker for mac

Create HTML5 Flipbooks on Mac

HTML5 Flipbook Maker for Mac converts PDF/images to HTML5 Flipbooks on Mac OS X. Powerful HTML5 Flipbook Maker for Mac provides you the best solution to make realistic digital HTML5 flipbooks from PDF/images. HTML5 flipbook animation maker software for Mac enables you to create and publish stunning flipbooks for all Mac, PC, tablet and smartphone readers. Feel free to utilize this Mac HTML5 flipbook maker to create all types of digital page-flipping flipbooks: magazine, brochure, catalog, menu, newsletter, user manual, etc. with your logo.

Quickly create and publish digital HTML5 flipbooks from PDF/images on Mac.
Instantly access to your favorite HTML5 flipbook templates&scenes within the Mac HTML5 flipbook maker software.
One-click to publish and share finished digital HTML5 flipbooks online.
HTML5 flipbooks are multi-platform optimized for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and other mobile devices.
Download 15-day free trial Purchase $99
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.0 and later

HTML5 Flipbook maker Core Features

Say goodbye to yesterday’s print media, stay relevant and gain exposure without the cost of printing and distribution. The customizable features, interactive flipping pages, and impressive designs offered by HTML5 Flipbook Maker for Mac will present your content like never before.

Multilingual flipbook

The multi-language supported flipbook allows readers from different countries to choose their own languages.

Easy to share

Publish online/offline HTML5 flipbooks as you like. Upload HTML5 flilpbooks to your website or our Cloud.

Multi-platform flipbook

Online HTML5 flipbooks are accessible via browser on any Mac, PC, tablet and smartphone.

Mac HTML5 Flipbook maker Full Version Free Download

15-day free trial

PDF/image to HTML5 flipbook maker

HTML5 flipbook software for Mac enables you to easily create realistic HTML5 page-flipping ebooks from PDF files and images (png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp and more).

  • Import PDF or images to create HTML5 flipbooks.
  • Import specific pages of a PDF file
  • Preserve original bookmarks & links
  • Import PDF or images to create flipbooks.

convert PDF to flipbook on Mac

flipbook maker for Mac templates

HTML5 Flipbook - Template and scene

Flipbook Maker for Mac detailed settings include customizable template, animated scene, background (swf or image), bookmark, flipbook logo, background music, multi-languages, flipbook size, password, Google Analytics ID, etc. Responsive Mode allows you to preview HTML5 flipbook on different devices within the flipbook software. What you see is what you get.

  • Create HTML5 flipbooks with 8 built-in different languages and you can add more.
  • Change HTML5 flipbook style with different template, scene and background image.
  • LAN Preview allows you to preview flipbook on any device before uploading.
  • Edit existing bookmarks or add new bookmarks with HTML5 flipbook maker.

publish and upload HTML5 flipbooks

Easily create and design HTML5 flipbook and quickly export different formats or upload flipbook online in just a couple of clicks. Title and description make your flip marketing material search-engine friendly. Embed HTML5 flipbook on your website, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

  • Make offline flipbooks in 4 formats: html, zip, app and exe, submit flipbook app to iTunes app store.
  • One-click to upload HTML5 flipbook to our server and share to Facebook, Twitter, etc. directly.
  • Get embed code of HTML5 flip book and embed it to any webpage.
  • Upload HTML5 flipbook to your own server/website with the built-in FTP.
  • Publish WordPress plugin, Joomla module and Drupal module.
  • Manage online HTML5 flipbooks with Book Management, support privacy setting.

upload flip book online

view flash&html5 flipbook on Mac, PC, and mobile devices

Mobile device optimized HTML5 flipbooks

This Flipbook Maker for Mac creates flipbooks with HTML5 technology. After uploading flipbooks to our server or your own website, readers can access the online HTML5 flipbooks from any mobile device via browser.

  • HTML5 flipbooks optimized for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and other mobile devices.
  • 4 page turning styles: Flip, Flip with Hardcover, Slide, Slide with double page.
  • Preview how flipbook looks like on different mobile devices with this HTML5 flipbook softaware.
  • Allow readers to select & copy text when they want.
  • Integrate Google Analytics to track traffic.

HTML5 Flipbook demos