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flip book maker for Mac

Advanced Mac HTML5 Flipbook software

HTML5 Flipbook Maker Pro for Mac is professional digital HTML5 flipbook software that lets you create, edit and distribute multimedia and interactive page flipping books with customizable flipbook templates for all Mac, PC, tablet and smartphone readers. This powerful and comprehensive HTML5 page-flipping flipbook animation software is packed full of top-notch tools for you to create professional-quality advertising HTML5 flipbooks quickly and efficiently. Dive into the included Flip Page Editor to edit HTML5 flipbooks with video, YouTube video, music, image, text, button, chart, GIF, hyperlinks, etc. with absolutely no animation or design background required.

Fully edit your digital HTML5 page-flipping magazine with embedded multimedia.
Easily convert PDF/images to animated HTML5 flipbooks within several clicks.
Effortlessly publish and distribute online HTML5 flipbook or export to offline flipbook as html, zip, app and exe.
HTML5 flipbooks automatically fit all screen resolutions. Readers can enjoy online HTML5 flip pages on any desktop computer, tablet and smartphone.
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System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.0 and later

HTML5 Flipbook Software Core Features

Advanced Digital Flip Book Maker for Mac to create HTML5 page flip books from PDF. Professional HTML5 flip page software for Mac OS X to make interactive HTML5 flip books with realistic page-turning effect and embedded multimedia

Flipbook Logo

Create a flipbook on Mac and add your logo to flipping book, link the logo to your website to promote your brand.

Batch Converter

The new batch conversion feature allows you to easily select, edit and covert multiple PDF files to flipbooks at the click of a button.

Interactive HTML5 flipbook

Page Editor offers the options to add line, shape, callout, text, image, GIF, music, (local, YouTube Vimeo) video, button, number icon to any HTML5 flipbook page.

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embed video, audio, image to flipbook on Mac


Enrich your flipbook with the integration of multimedia objects, such as videos, animations, voiceover, music, button, etc. to enhance the reading experience. You can link these multimedia objects to certain internal pages or external webpages, perfect for interactive publications.

Embed Video, YouTube video, music

Flip book software for Mac provides customizable video/music player, so you can easily control the player size and appearance. You can also set the video to Auto Start or play in loops.

Embed text, image, GIF files

Add text, image or GIF to any part of your flipbook with Flipbook Maker for Mac.

Embed line, shape, callout, chart, button, and number icon

All these elements are pre-designed in this flipbook maker, and you can easily customize the color, size, font, font size, etc.

Customizable animation flipbook template

Flash flip book maker for Mac provides many useful pre-designed templates that you can quickly make attractive page flip effect. In addition, you can design your own custom styles, themes and settings for built-in functions: navigation bar settings, button settings, thumbnail style, background images and music, logos, bookmarks, and other powerful settings.

Import multiple types of files

In addition to importing pdf files to make flipbook, you can also import images (png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp and more) to create flipping pages, such as flip albums. Therefore, Flipfab Page Flip Software is the perfect choice for creating Flash page flip digital magazine, brochure, catalog, e-book, album, etc.

Search Engine Friendly

Online flip books are search engine friendly. All flipbook text can be crawled and indexed after converting PDF to Flash flip book. You can also optimize the flipbook (define flip book title, keywords, and description). Everyone can find their own flipbook publications through the Internet.

Google Analytics Integration

Extend the power of Google Analytics in your publication. Enter your Google Analytics ID in flip book, you can monitor and analyze your online flip book easily and improve publications marketing strategy.

customize flipbook with Mac flipbook software
upload flipbook online with Mac flipbook software

Flexible publishing options

PDF to flipbook software for Mac provides several publishing options. You can publish digital flipbook to your computer in 4 formats: html, zip, app and exe. Or save to 1stFlip hosting site directly with the instant uploading feature. You can also choose to publish WordPress Plugin, Joomla module or Drupal module to embed in your site.

Publish local flipbook

With Mac PDF flip book software, you can publish a variety of flipbook formats: html, zip, exe and app. Convert PDF to flip book as a standalone EXE, APP. Publish HTML format for website use. Produce ZIP package, and send it to your customers via e-mail.

Upload flipbook Online

Using the Upload Online option, you can directly and quickly upload flash flip magazine to your 1stFlip account from publishing software. Or upload page flipping magazine to your own server/website with the built-in FTP client.

Flipping Book Management

After uploading to server, you can share the online flip pdf to your Facebook, Twitter, etc. directly or get the embed code. Manage all your online digital flipbooks with Book Management, where you can get detailed information about each flip magazine and edit the flip magazine, such as privacy settings.

Flipbook batch converter

Mac flipbook software's Batch Converter and Page Editor are only available in Pro version. Flipping page software’s 'Batch' option can be used when there is a need to convert multiple PDF to page-flipping publications. You can add as many PDF files as you want at a time. Template, setting, output format, name, title of each page-flipping publication can be the same or you could customize them freely.

Mobile-friendly HTML5 Page Flip Software

Check “Also make mobile version” option and your online flip book will be accessible from any iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android device and other mobile devices. It turns to HTML5 version automatically when readers view the flipbook on mobile devices.

Multi-lingual flipbook

Add different languages to your flipbook and make it friendly for readers from different language backgrounds.

Bookmark and link

Preserve original bookmarks and links from PDF file and edit them or add new ones to your flip document.

batch convert pdfs to flipbooks on Mac

Flipbook demos