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Flipfab Flipbook Maker Pro for Windows is an interactive PDF to Flash page flip converter that allows you to convert PDF files to Flash flipping book with page turning effect. Convert PDF/images to flash and HTML5 flip page digital brochures, e-books, menus, catalogs, magazines, booklets, etc. Best all-in-one PDF to flash flip book software for Windows, PDF to HTML5 flip book maker, flipbook animation software, makes your flip book ideas come true. Allows you to embed video, YouTube video, music, chart, button, text and amazing imagery using simple but professional PDF to flash flip book Editor tool.

PDF to flash flip book maker allows you to convert PDF to flash flip pages with video, YouTube video, music, charts, button, number icon, image, text, callout, hyperlinks, etc.
Convert PDF to stunning flash page flipping books quickly and easily using pre-built customizable flip book templates and scenes.
Add logo, background image/music, export finished flipbook animation as html, zip, app, exe or upload online directly.
Make production-quality pdf flip book designs and realistic flipbook animation for mobile readers as well as desktop readers.
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System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Core Features

Convert your PDF into an HTML5 Flip Book with realistic page-flipping effect and multimedia. Just choose from the pre-designed templates and add fully customisable text, imagery, video, music, button, charts, etc. in a couple of clicks.

Page-flipping effect

Create HTML5 flipbook from PDF and add the most realistic page-flipping effect to your digital flipbook.

HTML5 flipbook maker

Flipbook animation maker outputs HTML5 flip book ideas for readers to view on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android device and other mobile devices.

Multimedia Flip Book

HTML5 flipbook app offers the options to add line, shape, callout, text, image, GIF, music, local/YouTube/Vimeo video, button and number icon to any flipping page.

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embed video, audio to flipbook


HTML5 FlipBook Maker Pro for Windows is a powerful and easy to use digital PDF to HTML5 flip book animation maker. It is not only professional page flipping book software, but also has very powerful HTML5 flip page editing functions. This HTML5 flip book editor allows users to embed local/YouTube/Vimeo video, audio, images, text, button, GIF, chart, hyperlinks and more multimedia objects output to the flip pages.

Multimedia HTML5 flipbook

HTML5 flipbook maker pro illustrates multimedia flip book idea: allows you to embed local video, YouTube video, Vimeo video, audio, image, text, callout, button, chart, GIF, etc. to any digital HTML5 flipbook page.

Add/delete flipping pages or adjust page order

After importing PDF or images, HTML5 flip book software enables you to insert new PDF pages or images to the existing digital HTML5 flipbook and adjust flip book page orders.

cross-platform online HTML5 flip book

HTML5 Flipbook maker allows you to create Flash(desktop)-HTML5(mobile), pure Flash and pure HTML5 flipbooks. Choose from a variety of customizable templates and preview how the flash/html5 flipping book will look on Mac, PC, iOS devices, Android devices and other devices with LAN Preview feature to make sure that your customers and members view your HTML5 flipping digital documents exactly as intended.

Multilingual HTML5 flipbook

There are 8 different languages for you to choose. You can add several languages to one digital magazine since users can switch to the one they want. You can even translate to your own language and add it if there isn't the one you want.

Search flipping page content

Check “Support Searching” option before importing PDF, readers will be able to search for content they want while reading your flipbook. You can also check the “Select Text Button” in Settings to allow readers make use of the flipping page content.

E-book Bookmarks & links

Checking the “Import bookmarks” and “Import links” option ensures all original bookmarks and links in the PDF file are preserved to flipbook animation. You can add new bookmarks or links.

html5 flipbooks on mobile devices
publish, upload flipbook

Flexible publishing options

PDF to flash page flip flipbook software provides several publishing options. You can convert PDF to flash flipbook on your computer in 4 formats: html, zip, app and exe. Or save to server directly with the instant uploading feature. Flipbooks are search Engine friendly. Add title and description to your flip book before uploading online. All flip book text can be indexed. You can also choose to publish WordPress Plugin, Joomla module or Drupal module to embed in your site.

Publish local flipbook

With PDF flip page software, you can publish a variety of flipbook formats: html, zip, exe and app. Convert PDF to flip book as a standalone EXE, APP. Publish HTML format for website use. Produce ZIP package, and send it to your customers via e-mail.

Upload flipbook Online

Using the Upload Online option, you can directly and quickly upload digital flipbook to your Flipfab account. Or upload page flipping magazine to your own server/website with the built-in FTP client.

Flipping Book Management

After uploading to server, you can share the online flip book to your Facebook, Twitter, etc. directly or get the embed code. Manage all your online digital magazines with Book Management, where you can get detailed information about each flip magazine and edit the flip magazine, such as privacy settings.

Fully Customized digital flipbook

One of the best parts about working with Flash&HTML5 flip book software is that you will build a completely unique, customized flipping e-publication for your business. You can choose your favorite from the pre-designed templates, scenes, or add your own background (swf file or images), background music, logo, etc. You can even customize flipbook template navigation bar settings, button settings, thumbnail style, etc.

Customizable template/Scene & background

PDF to flipping page software provides multiple free templates for you to choose and you can replace the default template background with animation scenes or your own image/swf file.

Google Analytics tracking

Enter your Google Analytics ID in the flipping book Flash Control Settings or add Google Analytics tracking code to collect basic page tracking data from your flash/html5 page-flipping books.

LAN Preview

LAN Preview feature allows you to preview your page flip book on any Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android device and other mobile devices on your Local Area Network (LAN) before uploading or publishing, which can be handy for you to make further changes.

customize flipbook settings

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