Page Turing Software - Create Flash and HTML5 flipbooks from PDF

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Page Turing Software - Create Flash and HTML5 flipbooks from PDF

FlipFab is a professional page truing software to create stunning digital flash and html5 flipbooks. With this flipbook software, you can easily convert your PDF and image files into digital page flip books with audio, video embedded.

  • Convert your PDF to stunning digital flipbook with page-turning effect.
  • Enhance your flipbook with interactive widgets, video, music, and images.
  • Upload flipbook online within Flipfab page turning software.
  • Online page-turning flipbooks are accessible on any Mac, PC, iOS & Android via browser.
  • Publish offline flipbook in 4 formats: html, zip, app and exe.
Download 30-day free trial Purchase $99
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11
PC version: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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Enhance flipbook with Flipfab page turning software

Embed media content that is connected to the content of your flipbook. Local video, YouTube video, music, GIF, button, chart, etc. make your flip book more interesting, informative and interactive.

  • Add line, shape, text, and image.
  • Add callout, chart, number icon, button, multiple styles provided.
  • Add music, video, YouTube video with provided customizable media player.
  • Add internal or external link to any part of the flip book pages.
  • Adjust flip book pages order, add new pages or delete unwanted pages.

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Create personalized flipbooks with Flipfab page turning software

You can change flipbook template/scene or customize the chosen template according to your preferences, but you can also opt to publish the flipbook directly without making any changes.

  • Completely control over the design and layout of your page-turning flipbook.
  • Add logo, bookmark, background, etc. to your flip books. Customize flipbook toolbar, language, button, font, color, etc.
  • Integrate your flipbook with Google Analytics.
  • Save your flipbook project and reedit it anytime you want.

Desktop- and mobile-friendly flipbooks

  • Convert PDF to offline flipbook in 4 formats: html, zip, app and exe.
  • Upload flipbook to our server and get a direct link that can be shared anywhere on the Internet.
  • Upload flipbook to your website within Flipfab page turning software.
  • Publish flipbook as WordPress Plugin, Joomla module or Drupal module.
  • Page turning software publishes flash flipbooks for computer users and html5 flipbook for tablet and smartphone users.

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