How to Batch Convert Multiple PDF Files to Flipbooks using Flipfab Flipbook Maker Pro for Mac?

Flipfab digital flipbook maker pro for Mac saves your time by batch converting multiple PDF files to page-flipping books simultaneously.

Flipfab PDF flip book Maker Batch Converter does exactly what its title suggests, allowing you to easily convert multiple PDF file

s to page-flipping books simultaneously at the click of a button.

Batch Convert

Batch convert multiple PDF files to local flipbook

Click Batch button:

flipbook creator, pdf converter

batch convert flipbook

Click Add button to choose PDF files you want to convert.

batch convert flipbook

If you want to apply the same settings to all flipbook, click Advanced button:

batch convert flipbook

You can set page ranges, import options, quality, format, output format, output directory, flipbook name, title, languages and template, then click Apply button.

After all these settings, click Start button.

If you want to use different settings to each flipbook, do the following:

Click to set PDF page ranges, quality, format and import options for the selected PDF.

import PDF

Click to set output format and output directory for the select PDF.

publish flipbook

Click to choose template for the selected PDF.

Click to add multiple languages for the output flipbook.

flipbook language

If you need to convert multiple PDF files to page-flipping books, download Flipfab Flipbook Maker Pro for Mac. It will not disappoint you.