How to create flipbook bookmarks using Flipfab Flipbook Maker?

This tutorial goes over the basics of making and managing your digital flipbook bookmarks.

Bookmarks in a flipbook document make it easier for readers to navigate your flipbook pages while viewing. Flipfab PDF to flip book maker can read PDF bookmarks to flip book for editing and let you create new flipbook bookmarks.

If the PDF you used to make page-flipping book contains bookmarks, check Import bookmarks option when you are importing the PDF to Flipfab flip page maker.

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After importing PDF to flipbook maker, click Bookmark tab on the right size and you will see all existing PDF bookmarks.

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To edit existing bookmarks, click one bookmark and change title or page in the bottom.

You can also add new bookmark, child bookmark, adjust flipbook bookmark orders or delete unwanted ones.

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After editing bookmarks, click Bookmark button on the toolbar and the Bookmark window appears. Go to any page within the digital page-flipping book quickly by clicking corresponding bookmark.

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Download the free trial version of this flip page software if this is what you are looking for to create digital page-flipping magazine, brochures, e-Books, etc.