How to make a flipbook online with Flipfab Flipbook Software?

With Flipfab Flipbook Software, you can easily make a flash and html5 flipbook from PDF/images.

What is a flip book?

Here with flipbook, we refer to flash and HTML5 flip ebook that simulates the page-flipping experience that gained by reading through a print book. We call it a Flipbook since the pages seem to be flipping when a person navigates from one page to the next while reading it on computer. Once uploaded online, the digital flipbooks are also accessible on tablets and smartphones.

Why convert PDF/images to flipbook?

By converting your PDF/images to flipbook:

1. Readers can view your PDF magazine, brochure, catalog, user manual etc. from left to right or right to left with page-flipping effect, just like reading print books, rather than scrolling up and down.

2. You can embed video, YouTube video, audio, image, chart, text, button, link, GIF, etc. to enrich PDF content and engage your readers.

3. Publish flipbook in html, zip, app, exe formats. Upload html flipbook online. Embed your flip book on your website, share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, etc.

4. View online flipbook on any Mac, PC, tablet and smartphone.

How to make a flipbook?

Flipfab flipbook software is professional PDF to Flash and HTML5 flipbook Converter for you to create flipbooks from PDF/images. There are standard version and pro version, Mac version and PC version. Compare different flash flip book software editions and download the version you want.

Step 1 Import PDF

Step 2 Template, scene, bookmark

Step 3 Embed video, audio, image, text, link, etc.(only for Pro version)

Step4 Publish local flash flip ebooks, publish flip book plugin or upload flipbook online.