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Flipfab flipbook animation software enable you create digital page-flipping flipbook animations from PDF files.

Creating page turning animation in PDF helps you make your PDF magazine, brochure, catalog, etc. more vivid and attractive. What’s more, you can embed video, audio, button, link, chart, image, GIF, etc. to your PDF pages to create multimedia and interactive flipbook animation for desktop, tablet and smartphone readers.

Step 1 Import PDF or images to the flipbook animation software.

Download, install and run Flipfab flip book animation maker on your Mac/PC. Click the Import button to open below dialog box. Click “Browse…” to choose the PDF you want to make flipbook animation to or click “Import images” to choose multiple images and make flipbook animation album. You can define the page ranges to import, flip page quality (Higher quality means bigger flipbook animation files), etc.

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Step 2 Create Page Turn animations with flipbook templates

Flipfab flipbook animation program hosts a collection of free flipbook animation templates and scenes that will help you make professional flipbook animations. After importing PDF or images for flip book animation, the default template is applied automatically.

Under the Setting tab, you can customize the selected template: check or uncheck full screen, search, bookmark, text, logo, sound, language, thumbnail etc. options to make them show or hide from the flash flipping book animation navigation bar. Or reset button icon, text, font, size, flip time, animation book background music, image or color, etc.

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Step 3 Publish flipbook animations

Flipfab page-flipping animation software enables you to publish flash/html5 flipbook animation to your computer or upload flip book animation online directly. Click the Publish button to create html, zip, app or exe flipbook animation or click the Upload Online button to create online flip book animation and share on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

batch convert flipbook

batch convert flipbook

If you want to add the flipbook animation effect to your PDF or image albums, download the flip book animation maker on your Mac/PC.