How to save your customized flipbook template settings and scenes for future use?

Flipfab Flipbook Maker includes default templates in many different categories and styles that you can use to help start your flip book project. You can also customize the default template and save it for future use.

What's the function of templates in Flipfab Flipbook Maker?

Flipbook Maker templates are useful for standardizing the use and appearance of flipbooks. Templates define how elements such as navigation bar, flipbook background/scene, bookmarks and thumbnails appear in each flip book. Information in a template navigation bar can include logo, full screen button, bookmark button, select text button, background sound button, search button, flip button, language button, etc.

How do I work with the flipbook templates?

PDF flip book creator provides multiple pre-designed flipbook templates for you to choose. Just double-click the template you like and it will be applied to your flipbook. However, sometimes you may not satisfy with and template and want to make some changes, since flipbook maker provides detailed settings for you to customize any flipbook template. Under the Setting tab, you can change logo, background music, image and color, add languages, change navigation bar icon, text, font, color, or determine which buttons show up, etc.

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Any changes you make to the flipbook template will apply to the current flip book immediately. However, when you switch to another template, the changes disappear.

How to save my customized flipbook templates?

To save your customized template for future use, click below Export button to export the customized flipbook template to your computer as .txt file.

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When you start new flipbooks and want to use the same template, just click the Import button to choose it.

Besides, you can also click File – Save Project. Next time when you want to create a new flipbook, just run Flipfab PDF to flash flipbook software, open the project and import new PDF, since your customized template has been preserved.