How to remove 'Your Logo' logo from the top left of the flip book?

Remove logo from flash/html5 flip books with PDF to flip book maker Windows.

I am using your Flipfab Flipbook Maker Pro for Windows, could you please tell me how to remove the 'Your Logo' logo from the top bar of the window, because I don't have a logo.

To indicate that you can add your logo to the top left corner of your flipbook, we have added the “YOUR LOGO” by default. Of course you will never want this logo shown on your flipbook, thus you can replace it with your own logo or make it disappear.

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After you importing PDF file or images to Flipfab flipbook maker, find Title Bar Settings under Setting tab on the right side of flipbook maker interface, uncheck the “Enable Logo Settings” option, and then you will find the YOUR LOGO logo disappears from the top left of your flipbook in the Preview window. Of course it will never appear after you publish your flipbook.

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