How to set background color or images of flipbooks?

Use PDF to flash flipbook Maker to flash/html5 flip ebooks with customized background color or image.

Flipfab page turning book software provides various built-in flipbook templates, which all contain unique flipbook backgrounds, however, it also allows you to change the flipbook backgrounds as you like.

First choice is the built-in dynamic scenes, which are available when you click the Scene tab on the right side.

If you also don’t like these dynamic scenes, try flipbook backgrounds image or colors.

Note: if you want to add flipbook background image or color, make sure you select None under Scene tab.

To set flipbook background image, find Flash Background File under Setting tab on the right side of flipbook maker interface.

flipbook creator, pdf converter

Click the folder icon next to Background File to import your own images or swf file from your computer as flipbook background.

flipbook creator, pdf converter

To set flipbook background color, first you need to choose the flip book template named Transparency under Geometry category.

flipbook creator, pdf converter

Then find Flash Background Color under Settings tab. You can select the same color or gradient colors and change gradient Angle.

flipbook creator, pdf converter

If you want to customize flipbook background, download trial version of Flipfab flip book maker and have a try!