How to show/hide buttons on flipbook toolbar?

I would like to be able to "clean up" the top and bottom navigation bars a little bit.

What should I do?

Flipfab flipbook maker provides multiple features such as logo, social sharing, search, bookmark, full scree, thumbnails, sound, zoom buttons to provide better reading experience. However, sometimes you may don’t want these buttons to appear on the flipbook. This tutorial will show you how to disable these buttons. Download, install and run Flipfab flipbook maker on your Mac or Windows. Import the PDF you want to convert to flipbook. By default, flipbook maker automatically adds below buttons to the flipbook toolbar.

flipbook creator, pdf converter

On the right side of the flipbook maker interface, you can disable any button according to your preferences. Find the button you want to disable and uncheck the “Show” or “Enable” checkbox.

flipbook creator, pdf converter