How to upload flipbooks to your website via Flipbook Maker built-in FTP?

Upload flipbooks from with the Flipfab Flipbook Maker to your hosting account.

To make your page-flipping books visible on the Internet, you need to upload them online. Flipfab page turning e-book software allows you to one-click to upload flipbook to Flipfab server or to your own website with the built-in FTP, making your page-flipping flipbooks visible on the Internet whenever someone visits your domain name.

After importing PDF/images, choose template and scene, or edit flip pages with movie, music, image, button, link, charts, etc.(available for Flipbook Maker Pro), click FTP button to open below window:

flipbook creator, pdf converter

Click Add button to enter Host, Port, Username and Password, click OK.

batch convert flipbook

And then click the Upload button to start uoloading your flipbooks to your website.

Get flipbook maker software now and upload your page-flipping books to your website within the Flipfab Flipbook Maker with built-in FTP.