Flipfab Flipbook Maker Version Comparison

# Features Flipbook Maker for Mac Flipbook Maker Pro for Mac Flipbook Maker for Windows Flipbook Maker Pro for Windows
1 Convert PDF/images to Flash/HTML5 flipbooks
2 Select page ranges to import
3 Set page quality
4 Choose page format: Vector or Raster
5 Preserve original bookmarks
6 Preserve original links
7 Support searching
8 Detect wide pages and split
9 Apply pre-designed templates and scenes
10 Add logo to flipbook and add logo URL
11 Add background music for flipbook
12 Enable zoom button
13 Enable Auto flip button, set flip interval and loops
14 Change button icon color or add new icon file(SWF)
15 Set page corner flip effect
16 Thumbnails window
17 Change toolbar color, page background color, thumbnail background color
18 Flip from right to left
19 Start flipbook on double page
20 Hard cover
21 Set page flipping speed
22 Use mouse wheel to flip page
23 Change toolbar font, color, page number color
24 Change flipbook background color
25 Add your image/swf file as flipbook background
26 Set flipbook width and height
27 Change link mouseover color
28 Where to open the link: blank or self
29 Enable link after zoom in
30 Add Google Analytics ID
31 Edit existing bookmark or add new
32 Preview on any device with LAN Preview
33 Publish flipbook in 4 formats: html, zip, app and exe.
34 Also make mobile version when publish to html, zip
35 Add title, keywords, description when publish to html, zip
36 Add some tracking code, such as Google Analytics when publish to html, zip
37 Add title, version, identifier when publish to app
38 Change app icon
39 Set windows size when publish to app, exe
40 Publish WordPress Plugin, Joomla module, Drupal module
41 Add title, keywords, description, tracking code when publish to Plugin, module
42 Set flipbook plugin, module width and height
43 Upload flipbook online directly
44 Add title, description when uploading flipbook online
45 Also make mobile version to view online flipbook on mobile devices
46 One-click to share flipbook to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
47 Get embed code and embed flipbook to webpage
48 Upload flipbook to own website with built-in FTP
49 Manage all online(our server) flipbooks with Book Management
50 Add password to private flipbooks
51 Embed line to flip book page
52 Embed shape to flip book page
53 Embed callout to flip book page
54 Embed text to flip book page
55 Embed image to flip book page
56 Embed music to flip book page
57 Embed local video to flip book page
58 Embed YouTube video to flip book page
59 Embed chart to flip book page
60 Embed number icon to flip book page
61 Embed button to flip book page
62 Add trigger action (go to page, open a link, call Javascript function, play audio)to embeded shape, callout, text, image, number icon, button
63 Adjust flip book page order or add/delete
64 Batch convert multiple PDF files to flipbooks